Monday, May 30, 2005

Not in a very gd mood today....somehow i feel tat i'm moody for no reasons...everything doesn't seem rite for me...but nvm, tomolo will be a better one...cos i'm on leave....Dun feel like blogging so i shall stop here....

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Still wonder ard in the office rite now cos i'm waiting for my dear to cum fetch me and we will go for dinner togther..Hurray!! Going geylang for our all time favourite claypot chicken rice..I'm loving it..

Din do much work in the office today cos my boss was not ard...Always play the skive princess when he's not ard...*lolX*...busying doing sum decor for my blog for the whole morning...*keke*...It look nicer now..*shan clap hand*...If you are free, try tis game!! Is interesting...

Crimson Room Game;p/youxi/images/04042203.swf

Crimson Room Solution

Tried tis game for a few times but i still din get to open the door. Heard frm my colleague tat she managed to open the door and go to the next round...So gd of her to send me the link to the solution..Thks...

oOk..Gtg le...going to powder myself b4 i meet my dear...guess he's reaching soon....

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Guess wat?? i din saved the post then i had juz finished...And now it's gone...Nope, i'm not going to re-write everything sianz...juz hate it so much...

But nvm...i'm a happy gal...feel so loved by my dear....pamper me alot...shower me wif all his naughtiness too....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Drag myself to work today after resting for three days...times pass really fast when u're having yr off day...i dun have enough of it....i still wan more....intend to take leave next week to acc my dear..kekek..never get tired of meeting him...

Meet my babelicious after work at West Mall...Went there for dinner and gossip...*lolX*...A piece of both gd news and bad news...but topic of the day will be ling's and tine's bf...yup..ling got herself a bf leh...kinda expected tat they will be together...*keke*...feel so happy for the both of them...Wish everything will goes on smoothly....Yeap!!Yeap!! All my babelicious have found their other half leh...bad news is juz found out tat fie is facing sum relationship problem...Can't really help her out on tis issue....but hope she will get through it soon...Dun think so much hor!! Chat till ard 10pm plus and off we went home sweet home...


Dear wake up so early to wakie me up...Meet my dear at my area and off we went Lot1 to have our usual 'Tabayaki'...hope tat i din spell it wrongly..And guess wat?? the stall closed down leh...had been replaced by an Indian food stall selling Roti-Prata...Haiz...sad sia...go all e way down there n yet closed down leh...Ended up have my Ban Mian and fried dumpling and dear have his claypot chicken rice...Meet Junshi and Ah Boy at Lot1 too..Initially wanted to watch movie but they dun seem like they wanna go town cos me n dear feel tat Lot1 abit sianz to slack...So we chit chat abit and off we went to Suntec to watch 'Kingdom of Heaven' at 8pm...Still left wif alot of time b4 our movie start so went to try our luck out at the soft toy machine..din manage to get any soft toys...but we spent quite alot...Haiz..maybe is juz not our day....

Went City Link and Raffles Place walk walk...Tot of buying sumthing from MANGO but still considering which color should i buy...Had our dinner at 'Cafe Cartel' again...have been eating at Cafe Cartel very often recently...He always wanted to eat the Pork Ribs there...Wonder when will he feel tired of it...*keke*...Rushed back to the cinema cos we r abit late le...but heng never miz anything...The show was quite a nice one...Halfway through i was like dun really understand the story tat well but heng ar after the show i knw wat is going on...*lolX*...

Waited for my sister to knock off and off we went home sweet home...dun like the feeling of parting...cos i guess i will only meet him on the cuming weekend or maybe fri...Haiz...But too bad i have to work...


Watched Starwars III yesterday...Quite nice...A long awaiting dear like Starwars so much till he feel like watching it again...I never watched any of the Starwars episode b4...So is quite heng tat i get into the picture fast if not i will be damn blur...

As usual we went China Square and we oso go to Sunshine Plaza...Shop ard and my dear bought a 'HellRaiser' toys selling a super duper cheap price....guess should be a clearance sale bah...and off we went back to his hse le....Slack and i fall aslp cos i woke up quite early...Dear downloaded 'Simple Life 3' for me...*happy*...i can c Paris Hilton again leh...Watched till the 5th episode...

Had our dinner at the hawker again...And dear wanted to eat deer's meat, fish and Onion egg again...OoH mi gosh...i rejected him...cos i have been eating at the same stall same thing for almost every weekend...I'm not getting sick of it is juz tat i wanna eat 'Kuah Tu Tu'...If i eat at tat stall i will be too full to load it any other food...And i miz my Kueh Tu Tu so much...

Went back his hse to slack slack abit longer and off i went home sweet home again...*keke*..tomolo is a off day for me...Can ZzZ till late late and i can meet my dear...*Hurray*..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ooh start to rain again..Rain!! Rain!! Go away!!Wake up quite late today...slp to the fullest....had an 13hrs slp...*hurray*...nothing better to do so i decided to paint my nails and toes nail...Juz finishing painting them...*like it so much*...Will be meeting my dear at 7pm today and we will be watching 'Starwars III' tonite at cinceleisure....kinda late but nvm lah meet too early we oso have to wait till 11.50pm for our show to start...summore there's nothing much to do in town...plan to go shop shop today...will c how later on...have two things in mind tat i wanna buy...*kekek*

Haiz...juz heard frm my babelicious tat they will be going to sentosa's pub wif their bf (only ling wif her soon-to-be bf) i wish me n tim would be able to make it..never once we have all of our bf gather to go out together...*Wasted sia*..And finally all of us had found our significant half...*keke*..Feel so happy...

Wanna go prepare and be pretty pretty le...

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Beautiful creation *me & dear* Posted by Hello

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Beautiful creation *e vain me* Posted by Hello

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hahahah...At work today was a boring one...Sticked to my chair for the whole morning cos i have to hand up my appraisial form by 3pm today..*so stressed*...Managed to get through it...

Now of cos i have nothing to do n is y i'm mind shut off when it was 3pm...*siansation*..dun really feel like working sia....Heng ar, today thursday liao for another one more day n i'm off for three days...*Hurray*..*Hurray*...

Not going to meet my dear today...kinda miz him liao le...Haiz, really miz those times when we were alone and have lot of freedom at his hse...we can do watever we wan under the sun or even moon...i can even and i always fall slp at e sofa..*so comfortable*...his hse is juz like my second hm...Used to stay there at least 3days/week..Always carry big bag to his hse when it cum to friday...but now i can only go his hse once a staying over anymore...*so sad*..but nvm have been it tis way since last dec...kinda get used to it but oso felt tat i lost sumthing in a way..but most importantly tat my dear still love me so much...and i still love him so much...*keke*...

Will be going back hm for dinner tonite..Ask my mum to cook my favourite 'Sweet & Sour Pork' for me...Gonna knock off real soon...


Met my dear..he cum and fetch me at my workplace and off we went to get the 2004 takashimaya Rose Doll..Parked our car at Cineleisure and walk walk for awhile cos it was drizzling outside...Tot of watching "Starwars III" but left with all the lousy seats and late time slots...Wondering around...

Went to get umbrella from e car and who knw...not rainning anymore...*damn it*..So off we went to HMV..wonder here and there...cos was still early...

Met the seller at Somerest MRT control to complete the whole transcation...COD...Checked the doll and i paid on e spot...Went Fish & Co. for dinner...*so delicious* n dear loved it so muchz...After meals, off we went home sweet home leh...

Chatted wif my dear over the phone...Yup, we chat everyday and everything under the sun...toking abt his toys, TV programmes, movies and oso make fun of each others...

Did sum creation with a program and i'm pleased wif it...*like it so much*..Thks, esther for lending me a hand...

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Everything goes on smoothly for my interview...But i have to re-do my appraisial forms..*haiz*..Gonna crack my brain again...*oOh mi gOsh*...

Finally think of sumthing to get for his mum le...Is a 2004 Limited Edition Takashimaya Rose Doll...*so nice*..Choose not to go there (HK) empty handed if not paiseh...*keke*..small token...Hope she will like it...Maybe gonna get it tomolo wif dear...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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2004 Takashimay Rose Chan Doll in Doric Chiton Posted by Hello

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Monday, May 16, 2005

First of all, happy 22nd birthday, Weiling..hope you enjoy yr day wif yr loved ones...

Haiz...had a busy day at seemed like my carefree day are gone..*ByeBye Love*..Basicually touch on hand-over jobs sounded little but it's not..Have to take over abt three additional job duties and i'm actually behind schedule...Pile of work left undone time sia..Have to get them done by tomolo...*Jia You*..

Going to have my appraisial interview tomolo...*gd luck*..kinda pressure...dun knw if i will get any scolding or any bad remarks...Hopefully not..but hope it will be a smooth smooth one and $$ cum $$ cum..*shan pray hard*...lolX..


Daily routine again but tis week abit special...first of all our destination was Katong Shopping Centre...Went there of cos to look out shops tat provided resin model or painter...was in vain..Did found one shop but the painter himself have already he 's not doing any painting neither or sell any of his models...

After then we went lunch at e nearby area...Famous Katong Laksa sia...*delicious*..couldn't finished cos i itchy hand put lot of chilli...*serve me rite*...and off we went to China Square and Bras Brasah Complex to get dear's Devilman model back cos dear sent back for re-print for his face area...and dear also paid a deposit of $50 for his upcoming model to be painted "Sitting Hell"...Whole set + painting = SGD$300..*wOOw*...and off we went back to his hse...

Slack and slack and dear decided to play e DVD of 'House of Wax' to catch e unsensored was even more gross...Only two or three parts tat they sensored...Finished and i slack and till dinner..Had curry fish head(my all time favourite), onion egg ad deer's meat(my dear's favourite)...wat a filling we went back and slack again and actually i miz the variety show 'Ru Hua'...*so sad*..Slack till 11pm and here i go home sweet home...

Thks, Eunice for the DVD (tis gal is my dear's bro's gf)


Went J8...Shop shop and had our dinner at 'Cafe Cartel' and also catch a movie 'House of Wax' was a god damn gross...*Ooh mi Gosh*...but finally a gd show tat worth its price...*thumb up*..But unfortunately i fall sick soon after i came out frm e cinema...Guess it was e air-con temperature in e was freaking cold even wif my shawl on...*damn air-con*...caused me to fever...

Reach hm bathe and headed straight to bed...din turned on air-con neither or fan...Heng sia..i recovered the very next morning...*God bless me*...Yeap!! Yeap!! i can hop here n there...Too bad i fall sick on a weekend...Wasted sia..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Finally is the end of a working day...feel so relax....din do much at work today..Busy gossiping and attending meeting...*haiz*...but i'm still feeling tired sia...

Met my dear after work..he cum fetch me and off we went to Sunshine Plaza and Parklane...wanna checked out e Resin model shop there...Only manage to find one...And accordingly to her tat there might be another shop at Katong SC which provided painting and resin model..Will check it out tis sunday..

Had our dinner at Sunshine Plaza..the food quite nice lah..but e portion there was damn pathetic..after tat home sweet home le...had sum arguement wif him on our way back hm...but managed to patch things out b4 i reached hm...*shan still feeling abit happy and sad too*...*i'm so hard to please*..

Juz hang up the phone wif my dear...and now i'm off to tired...finally tonite i can get a gd tight slp...Wanna slp to e max...wake up as late as possible..*wOow*...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, May 12, 2005 thursday le...feeling shiok cos tomolo friday le and my boss will be on leave..*Yuppie*..Freedom here we cum...Recently everyday at work is a busy day for me...Out of a sudden i'm so packed wif work...But i'm kinda least i tend to learn more from my senior and oso keep myself occupied at work...if not i oso sianz...*keke*...have been given quite alot of additional jod duties ever since i've been promoted...guess it should be e way bah...*hahah*...i wonder how much is my increment??..*shan wan more $$*..

haha..i found my company pass heng..said hi to my $40..*lolX*

Manage to figure out how to post photos leh...Uploaded some...*shan lalalala*..sum were taken quite sum time ago...

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LoVe Posted by Hello

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my dear & m3 Posted by Hello

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Cute Hor?? Posted by Hello

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Guess who?? Posted by Hello

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Pretty babelicious Posted by Hello

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Sexy..Naughty..Bitchy..Us.. Posted by Hello

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'Our idol in Pioneer' Posted by Hello

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m3 sexy sexy Posted by Hello

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Cutie Colleagues Posted by Hello

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m3 & vioLet (my kakhi @ work) Posted by Hello

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Firstly wanna wish our babelicious, Christine a happy 22nd birthday...she msg me saying tat a guy sent a bouquet of flower to her office and she's god damn happy...*haha* i ask her if tat guy stand a chance..but she replied saying tat she got sumone in mind...*shan wonder*..who is lucky chap??

Have a hard time trying to get myself out of bed...Feel so comfortable in bed...How i wish i dun have to work..i wanna b a tai tai...*lolX*...nope guess it will be a boring life for me...*haha*..busy day for me at work..have to clear my outstanding...Went OUB to deposit some $$ and passby a car repair shop and they do car plate ordered a car plate from them but have to check wif dear which type he will be ready my dear will cum n fetch me tomlo..*keke*..

*Haiz*..Sad tat i lost my company pass...*shit*..Search high n low for it will costs me $40 to get a new one..*sianz*..

Gtg for my TV session...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Yuppie!! Yuppie!! It's our 15mth anniversary le...*So Happy*..May we love each other more & more..

As usual we went China Square early noon(it's our sunday routine)...Raining heavily since 7am so i offered my sis to take dear's car to work as we will be passing by City Link...*free ride for my sis*..Walked one round at China Square and nothing catches my dear's eyes but there's sumthing tat catch my eyes...*haha* was those machine tat u will have to insert sum dollar coins and different character will then rolled out in a capsule form...Actually saw tis machine last week but dun really have the urge of trying it...Juz dun knw y suddenly feel like trying my luck tis week...i aim for Minnie Mouse and guess wat?? i was tat second try n i got it...first was Winnie the pooh..*not bad, like tat too*...but still prefer Minnie mouse..*Love it*...Next time i will wan to get a Mickey Mouse..i have hang tat Minnie Mouse on my handphone...kinda scare tat it will drop off...

After tat dear suggested tat we shall go n watch either 'Kingdom of Heaven' or 'House of Wax' but i dun wanna..cos i wanna go his hse..*keke*..Cos i missed the Amazing Race last wed tat was showing on Channel 5 n AXN is repeating it today..So die die i wanna watch...So dear granted my wish..*shan float float in the air*..So headed back to his hse...slacked at his comfort sofa while he re-arrange his toys in his cupboard..i'm suppose to help him out but e moment i stepped into his hse i faster go wash-up and then changed into my shorts and headed myself to the sofa...he spent ard 3hrs arranging it and i was like when are u going to finish...after finishing he came to slack wif me on e sofa...*keke*...

Had my dinner at his nearby hawker..waited quite long for our foods to be served..maybe is bcos yesterday was Mother's Day..ordered fish, onion egg, deer's meat, ginger chicken...Can't imagine tat both of us can eat so dear ate 3plates of rice...*wWooW*..after dinner headed back to his hse again to watch Ru Hua showing on Channel 8 or Channel U...Had a good laugh and then watch 'Just Married' on SCV till 12am and finally my dear sent me back hm...

But my dear was kinda of unlucky..On his way back hm accident happened...he saw a small cockroach in his car and when he tried to get a tissue he accidently bumped into a cabby's butt...a slightly dent and he wan dear to pay a $50..*shan feel kinda ripped off in a way or maybe not*..And of cos left wif no choice dear have to pay loh...Lucky dear's car din get any great damage except for his car plate tat drop off...Gonna get a new one..Chatted wif dear for awhile and off i went to bed...*shan tired tired*..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Meet dear and remus up at my area and went off to Tiong bahru to fetch huishi for lunch and then to our final destination 'East Coast Park'..Went there for healthy was drizzling when we reach there so remus suggest we shall play some bowling while waiting for the rain to stop but dear dun really felt like playing so in e end we went acrcade instead...

Soon the rain stop so here we go for our cycling session...dear rented a twin sharing bicycle and the other couple rented a mountain bicycle first time riding a twin sharing bicycle...i found it hard to co-ordinate cos e speed tat my dear used to paddle is faster than mine so dear asked me to place my leg on the bar and he will do the paddling...*shan feel shiok*...although i din paddle much but i still feeling tired and of cos i feel abit pain at my butt...3hrs riding on a bicycle is no joke..*shan sweat sweat*...lucky i have my dear if not i sure cannot tahan to travel so far...Poor huishi cycle all e way...feel so smelly and sticky after the whole cycling session...dear teased me saying tat i din do much paddling and yet can sweat and oso be tried...*keke*..

After cycling, we went east coast hawker to have our dinner...haiz..the carpark is full so we have to park only at e nearby carpark which is quite far away oso..Walked our way there and there's so many ppl taking their dinner there...have a hard time trying to locate a seat...ate quite alot..we had carrot cake(huishi), duck noodle(mine), wantan noodle(dear and remus) and statay, popiah, chicken wing we shared...*shan feel full to the max*..Lucky we have to walk our way back to the carpark if not full full sit down sure feel very uncomfortable...and then we headed back hm le..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Friday, May 06, 2005 is not a gd day for me..

Have a hard time trying to upload sum pics but juz can't figure out wat's e problem...and i actually delete sumthing...will it affect anything??*oOh my itchy hand* i have to create another blog...*oOh mi gosh*..kinda frustrated leh...i'm really new into tis...can sumone help me, pls??..*cry out loud*

A busy friday for mood to work and yet there's so much waiting for me...*shan feel turn off*..busying wif my self appraisal writing, minutes writing and oso attend boring briefing..*feel sleepy* time to eat snake oso..but dun care i juz knock off on e dot...*keke*..cos it's friday...

Met up wif my dear at West Mall after my work...finally he get to sell away his 18' Freddy Figure @ $28...and my dear actually bought it from eBay at abt $180..u muz be thinking y so silly to let go at such a low price...reasons being when item arrives arm broken and the accessories hat is no choice he have to let go unwilling and get a new piece from eBay again...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Meet up with my dear after work to collect his resin Devilman model kit..he send it for painting a few days ago and guess how much does it cost?? $220 for the paint job itself and the model itself already costs him $ expensive..but wat to do!! my dear like it so much...then as usual i will have to hand carry it safely while he's driving...guess tonite he will spend his whole nitez watching tis devilman as a TV...*lolX*..Went dinner at his nearby hawker and then home sweet home le...

Huishi juz called me today to check if i have placed our travel confirmation...she's so excited abt it and we started to tok abt wat is cheap over there blah blah blah...she ever suggest to go taiwan tis year end..*faint* fast can think abt the next travel destination liao...*haha*..she ask if we wanna go east coast tis weekend for cycling session...healthy lifestyle sia...guess should be oOk...check wif my dear and he's alrite wif it....

Yeap...Yeap..I have confirmed my ticket booking le...lucky me...HK, u wait for me hor!!*lolX*...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Had a great time wif my three babelicious last nitez...Meet them at Suntec and had our fabulous dinner at Chong Qing Steamboat(hope i din spell it wrongly) treated by our birthday gal, Tine..*hapPy*...although we had a great time but the service there was god damn lousy..waited so long for our foods to be served..*cry out loud*..yesterday i'm the big eater among them which normally i dun eat tat much..Bought her a swensen cookies&cream ice-cream usual we play our guessing game...Penatly is to finish up another big portion of e cake...tis time round me and ling won...took alot of photos too..(waiting for my dear fie to send me)..::.thks for the wonderful dinner, tine.::

Dear have confirmed that we will be going to HK with another couple next mth..looking forward to it...yesterday dear asked his mum if we can stay at their hse when we go HK...and his mum agreed..*thks aunty*..i will have to call up to book the tickets today...the line is damn busy...Had a hard time trying to call in..*haiz*..Yuppie..i can shop shop till i drop liao le...

gtg now...going for my lunch soon...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Nothing better to do so juz came online to create my very 1st online blog...And i guess is time for me to have one....Yup...feeling kinda happy to own one..*winks*...Always wanted to keep all my beautiful memories written somewhere somehow...Where I can look back at my precious memories with my beloved anger and my unhappiness...*shan pray hard tat she will only have gd memories to update*...:)

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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