Thursday, January 26, 2006

Feeling abit abit much better..but still not in my best right condition...Hoping to get better real soon...*keke*....

I'm ready for my upcoming long CNY holiday....

* Meet my boy to Far East for dinner yesterday...Was hoping to get a top from there for CNY but din catch anything nice...

*Done manicure for Violet for CNY...and i got myself a free lunch from her..*keke*...Hope she like it...

*Meet up my babelicious for some gossiping session at West mall on tuesday...*i'm loving it*....Now i'm missing them...

*Went Causeway Point with my boy for dinner on Monday...Was trying very hard to get a Big Hello Kitty..But too bad, it was not our day...

*Went China Square last Sunday...and i was god-damn angry over a boy who pointed his middle-finger at me over nothing...And guess wat i did?? Of cos...

*Catched the movie 'Memoris of a Geisha' at Cineleisure last Saturday...*thumb up*...Rating: 4.75/5...This movie caught my attenton right from the start...*i'm loving it*..Tot of watching it again....*keke*...

Current Graving: HK cafe 'French Toast'...Japanese Chicken Curry Rice...Ben & Jerry Ice-cream

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

snow fairy at 16:40;

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Was always not in the right mood for the right thing recently....and i can't sense why am i feeling this way...Things are going smoothly but i just feel that somehow or rather lack of some emotion in between..Regardless of happy, sad or etc moments...This feeling has been with me since the clock hit 12am to Year 2006...

Guess this year will not be a good year for me...*hopefully i'm wrong*...

Will blog once i'm feeling much much better...


[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

snow fairy at 15:40;

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Was back at work again...Same old feeling like last week...maybe even worst...Dying, hoping to knock off soon...Awaiting for my next long holiday..Chinese New Year....Hong Bao..Foods..BlackJack and blah blah blah....

A very simple, rainy weekend for me...Me and my boy have not been feeling good over this weekend...upset over some stuffs...No worries, we din quarrel or watsoever...hope everything will be good soon...I'm awaiting...But there's somthing that makes me cloud nine too...*keke*...

Tuesday (Hari Raya Haji)

Slept till early noon..faster woke up and prepared ourselves and off we went Orchard...Catched the movie 'Heirloom'...stated in poster 'No. 1 Horror movie in Taiwan''s kinda lame...Is nothing compare to Japanese horror movie...Rating: 1.5/5 ONLY...Went Plaza Singapura after movie for dinner and entertainment...Got myself a Minnie Mouse..*keke*...I guess the uncle give chance to us...purposely give us a good and easy angle...Spent only $3 for it...*happy happy*....Ended my day at 9pm+...

Monday (Company Holiday)

It's our 23rd monthly anniversary...Nothing special...Woke up early with my boy as he need to attend school...Fetch me back home and he's on his way...It was raining heavily again..Took my lunch and back to my dreamland...Slept till my boy finish his school and pick me up from my hse...Had dinner and we slacked all the way...

Sunday (My Boy's Birthday)

Called and disturb my boy from his dreamland..*keke*...Faster got myself prepared and wait for the arrival of my boy..And it rains...Why is it always raining when i was about to meet my boy??...My boy din celebrate his birthday..just a simple outing....We are both not in the mood..due to some issues...Off we went for lunch at Suntec, shop around, slack around and then back to his house...Actually wanted to catch a movie but there's nothing nice...I got my boy one of his long wanted model: The Dark Sauron from LOTR...We spent the day simple and nice...


It's raining the moment when i woke up...Got prepared and meet my boy for lunch...Due to heavy rain, my boy took a long time to reach my hse...Went for lunch at LOT 1, shop around and then back to his house to slack...Did some nail art on my nails while my boy spring cleaning his toys..After all, my nail art was a quite messy one cause while doing my boy keep asking me help him do this and do that..*haha*..Slacked till late nite and off we went for dinner...Ended my day at abt 2am+...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Suddenly i felt so down...Was not in the rite mood since early morning when i woke up...I'm not sure of my emotion..I'm not moody..i'm not not happy...I can't eat well..i can't concentrate well...i'm not dreaming...i'm not sianz after all...*funny funny*...I just find the rite feeling to suit me for the day...Somehow i hope i will feel better later on...


Finally i'm back to workspace after my long holiday...was feeling abit lazy...drag myself to work...*sianz*...


It's my company holiday..need not report to work..but my boy is schling..*sianz*..Meet up my colleague at Bugis for some shopping session..Wanna buy some new heels for CNY..But too not my day..din get any nice heels..but instead i spent on clothes again...Bought a Mini skirt from Grace & Ling and a Blouse from Mphosis..

I guess i'm in shopping mood recently...Spend real alot of it...Bought loads of stuffs too...i guess in total of 4 mini skirt..4 blouses..a pair of heels..some nail stuffs..but only a few can make it for CNY...I love the feeling when i shop..Damn shiok and nice...I can't stop!!!

Planned to meet my boy after his sch..but his mum cooking so in the end we din meet up...Went home sweet home after our shopping spread...


Woke up, faster disturb my boy from his dreamland...Faster got prepared and off we went to Plaza Singapura..Catched the movie 'Bloods and Bone'..ermM..was quite boring halfway through the movie...alot of talking involved...alot of sex screen too...Rating: 2/5 bah...

Went Geylang for dinner...Had frog leg all time favourite...*keke*...Ended my day at abt 11pm+...

My boy have to start schling tomolo...*sianz*...

Sunday (New Year's Day)

A normal routine Sunday for me..My neck is getting better...Meet up my boy and off we went for lunch, China Square and then back to his hse to slack...

Had dinner prepared by his mum...Slacked for awhile and watched "Saw II"..*keke*..Not bad...Nice storyline..i feel tat is better than Saw I...Rating: 3.5/5..Heard that they are coming out Saw III..Ended my day at abt 2am+...

Saturday ( New Year's Eve)

Something damn bad happen to me..I sprain my neck...Dun ask me why, cause i myself also dun knw what happen...Woke up by the pain at 7am+..It was so unbearable...I can't even get out of bed myself..I have to seek help from my dad...I ensure the pain till 10am+ and i knw that i can't take it anymore...Went to a Chinese physician and i feel much better after that...But the bill was expensive..$50 for a less than 5mins treatment...

Din go anywhere for countdown...I just meet my boy and he fetch me to his hse and accompany me the whole day..*sad*...

For the whole day, i'm acting like an whole body was so every movement was so slow and careful...And the funny thing was that for the whole day, HBO and Star Movie are showing all on Robot show...Robocop 1 ~ 3 & I, Robot...My boy commented that i look like one of them...*so angry*...

Had my countdown while i'm watching soccer..Bolton vs Man United match..*keke*..We won some $$...*happy happy*..Ended my day at abt 2am+...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year to all....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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