Thursday, June 22, 2006

For this entry, I shall blog about my Tokyo trip...*keke*...I had fun and in the mean time, i learnt a expensive lesson too...

(Be careful, this is a super long entry with complaints)
Photos will be posted when i'm free....

Day 1

From my boy's house, we headed Changi Airport at 3.45am...Thanks, Remus for sending us there..*keke*...Reached at about 4.25pm..Headed to the departure board..The feeling of seeing the board was great..*keke*..These means that i'm treating myself well enough..*lolx*...Make our way to the check-it counter..Surprisingly, our airport security was tight..Before we can get to the counter, we are both been questioned seperately on purpose of trip, any guns or sharp objects with us and blah blah blah stuffs...and next we proceed to check-it with two luggages...And again, we meet hassle...Our luggages required checking...They opened and checked every single items from our luggages...This time round, it was like only the two of us been checked...Felt insulted..But nvm, we got nothing to hide...They want to waste their time just let them be...Next, headed a fast quick bite at BurgerKing...and then to board our flight...

Reached Narita Airport at 2.25pm...which is Spore time 1.25pm...They are an hour ahead of us..Make our way to take the express train to the town area and headed to check-in to our hotel..Had a hard time locating it as it's quite far from the station...After much unnecessary walking we found our hotel...The weather started to change..And soon, it start to drizzle...and there's a helpful guy that gave us a free umbrella...they are nice people out there...

After, head for a shower, got prepare and on our engine and we are on our way to Shibuya...The moment when we stepped out of the station, we saw alot of giant size TV screens and of course alot of human beings too...Went to 109, Seibu department, Parco department store and some small shop along the road...Settled our dinner in one of the raman resturant...They serve good raman...*yummy yummy*...As we shop around, nothing caught our eye...Gal stuffs are slightly much more expensive there so i'm gald that at least we have things that are cheaper than Japan..As the shops there closes at 10pm, in the end we went back sad..

Day 2
Weather: Drizzling (23degree)

Woke up 8am(Japan time)..Was real early...Got prepared and headed for our breakfast at the hotel before we start our day..

As planned, we intend to go Disneyland but since it's raining...We make our way to Asakusa Kannon Temple known as Senso-ji temple...It's the most famous temple there...before we enter the temple, there's a super big lantern with two Thunder Gate God by the side...By the look of it, it look so heavenly..

After headed to Akihabara..A loads of anime and electronics stuffs selling there...Had some plushie toys catching entertainment there too...

Next, we headed to Ikebukuro...Not much stuffs there but two large department stores.. Tobu and Seibu...

Last, we headed to Shibuya...Had somemore shopping at the other parts of the area...

Day 3
Weather: Slightly Sunny 25degree)

Woke up at 8am again....

Since it's a good weather...We headed to DisneyLand...After travelling about 50mins, we reached there at about 11am...Although i got the hell loads of fun there but the ugliest part of it was the queuing..The queue was horrible and scary..Average waiting time was like 1~2hrs...And the most angriest part was that almost 90% in the queue was a Japanese...Sad, rite?? I suggest DisneyLand should come up with a regulation like a tourist queue and a local queue or stuffs like tat...But nope, back to my journey..So in the end we came up with a solution...that is to head to all attraction and shows first beside we start to queue for the rides...And i think this works...Although i missed some rides but i feel that is better for me to missed the rides than i missed the any of the attractions...Bought loads of adorable stuffs, cookies and chocolate there....Total spending in Disney was about $ including my enterance fee ya...*lolx*...Ended my day in Disney at about 10pm...

Day 4
Weather: Drizzling again

Was so reluctant to get up...Woke up slightly late at about 8.30am...

Headed to Odaiba...Went there because of the rainbow bridge...It's was a nice view from Daiba station..Saw a status of liberty there too...Japanese named it as "Goddess of Liberty"...*haha*..Had some shopping in Deck's before we headed to Harajuku...wanted to see their cosplay trend...They love to dress like a milk maid walking on the streets shopping in Harajuku...and in fact, u can get these costumes from shops there...Went to Kiddyland, Laforet, Burberry Blue Label and some tiny stores along the roads...
As we both are tired walking for the past few days, we decided to head back to the hotel to get some early leg rest...We have been walking and walking for more than 12hrs daily...My Poor Leg...

Day 5
Weather: Sunny (27degree)

Went to DisneySea..This itinerary was not in our plan...But we just headed there..Give up places like Sanrio Puroland & Tokyo Imperial Palace...*keke*...Had fun in DisneySea too...Took alots of photos with character like Chipmunks, Donald & Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse and blah blah which i didn't to take in DisneyLand...The rides there are with more of a thrilling and exciting ones..One good points about it, queue was not as long as DisneyLand...Average waiting time was about 10~20mins...Big different ya....Able to finish all attraction much more earlier...Headed to Shibuya again...This place was huge..We are going bit by bit and also to get stuffs there as we didn't get it the previous few days...

Back hotel, packed our stuffs as it's our day night there...Had to check out in the morning...

Day 6
Weather: Sunny

Woke up at 8am...Had our breakfast and we headed for our last shopping spree as we still left with quite alots of money...Spent our day in Shinjuku..Went to Takashimaya Time Square, Isetan, My Lord, Flags and a few more small building shopping malls...Unforturnally, nothing caught my eye and i have to go back empty-handed...Sad sia...One thing why was because ladies clothing there are more to the expensive side...A cotten blouse or a simple dress can costs you up to $57+ and a heels there more of a evening heels costs about cheapest $90+...So is like i will rather buy in Spore than there...

Headed back to pick up our luggages from the hotel and off we headed to the airport for our flight...Journey there, i took the wrong express train to Airport and this lead me to a disaster nightmare...We reached airport at 6.10pm for our 6.45pm flight...And we were been told we are late and unable to board the flight..Hey, the plane fly at 6.45pm not 6.10pm, mdm...We asked for help and with their bad attitudes and handling they ignore us and in additional they laughed at us...they simley brushed the both of us off by telling us to purchase a new one-way ticket at $2600 each..

Where the hell we have so much cash on hand to pay??? What fucking one-way ticket is that which costs $2600 per person including taxes...We are both lost and worried and in the end we have to seek for help from our family transfer cash into our account and seek for bank's help to manual approve the transcation...and these makes us spent our night in the airport making internation call and finding sources for our next flight back Spore...Went through loads of trouble and we are still unable to get tickets back spore...Worst part, the airport is closes from 11pm to 6am and we can only stay at a place in the arrival hall with a few security guards to watch over us not to wonder around in the airport..Which mean besides making phone calls, resting and going to the washroom we can do anything else...

After much much phone calls and trouble, we spent about $150+ on international calls and thanks to the UOB staffs who help to increase my card limit to 10K...When it's 6.30am, we make our way to the departure ticketing counter...hoping we are able to board the earliest flight back to Spore...and god is on our side, payment done and we are on a SQ flight on 11.30am back Spore 5.10pm...God bless...This to me look like an amazing race show shown in TV...Never in my whole life i felt this hopeless, lost and worried before...I felt been ill-treated and we simply don't deserve this severely punishment for flight that have not departure when we reach...I believe if they could let us check-in if they want to help, and i believe we are able to make it to the plane by 30mins...Even when we asked who can we talk to beside them, they response with a no one..They are simply unhelpful..Can't expect much maybe they think that we youngster can been bullied...Imagine if now, a old grandmom or a man/lady in a business suit was late for their flight, i seriously feel that they will take them in...

I'm not going to rest this matter just like this after spending this $5200...I could have bought 4 LV bags or travel to Japan twice again...I've already wrote in three complaint letter to Northwest of Spore, Japan and their HQ...If they are not going to response i will be going to write to the customer relation dept in Narita airport...Worse come to worst, i can also write to the media..And this will definetly ruin the airlines and airport image...*lolx*...

Ok..gtg bed now...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

snow fairy at 23:40;

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Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm starting to countdown...I'm soon heading to a country that i long wanted to go..3 and a half days be exact 78hrs more to go...*lol*...Maybe i'm kaisu or mountain totorise but i'm excited over this getaway...Although we had done all essential research but i'm still wonder what will happen to the both of us...*keke*...Do we have enough $$ to spend or will we get mad and uptight over direction and their language?? I guess we will..But whatever, we will try our best not to get lost and get from places to places without much hassle..

Had plan out all my itinerary...But somehow it seemed like 6days is kinda not enough..Wish that i could like stay for about 8days..*keke*...8days will be more than enough..moreover i can visit places that i like twice without regret..There's alot of places i wanna go...

After getting some information from my colleagues and finally i get to know where is my so called "Hello Kitty Land''(Sanrio PuroLand) that i wanted to go..Location was abit out of way...but i will try to squeeze in a few hrs for it...If not, i will sure to come back with regret...

Gtg to my slumberland...Ta Ta..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, June 05, 2006

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

snow fairy at 21:57;

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weather: Sunny hot day

Woke up early noon...Got prepared and meet up with my boy for lunch...After, headed back home to relax first while wating for Remus & Huishi to come over..We are going for a swim...*keke*...Or perhaps i'm going for a soaking session...Didn't swim much as i'm abit lazy to move around...

Went for our dinner at Jurong Point...Had dinner at 'Soup resturant'...Yummy Yummy..


Slept till 2pm...Woke up, doll up and got prepared to meet my boy for lunch...After, back home slack for awhile before we headed Suntec..Meet up with Mervin and gf at about 7pm..Walk around and headed for our dinner...Had roti prata and Wantan Mee from the convension centre..Their prata was delicious..I'm loving it...After all, headed Marina Square..Walk around as shops there open till late mid-night..Ended my day at 12am+ with a Kappo Monkey that my boy got for me from the machine 'Elfin Cupid'...


Was packing with work again...Headache...I guess next week will be worst..Loads of stuffs gonna due before i head Tokyo...

My boy came fetch me after my work..Went Causeway Point straight...Had our usual entertainment and dinner there...Check out the money changer for the exchange rate..The rate was good but too bad they've run out of Yen dollars...Headed home sweet home at about 9pm+...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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