Monday, February 27, 2006

My schedule are tight...Was packed with appointment this week...

Today - Shopping with my colleague...
Tomorrow - Shopping again...
Wednesday - My first driving lesson..*so excited*..
Thursday - Celebrate my babelicious 'Fie' Birthday...
Friday - Sunday - Booked by my boy..

*I'm wondering should i convert my driving to 'manual' or leave it at 'auto'??

An easygoing weekend

No watching of movie, No shopping session, not a single footprints of ours in town either...Had a simple and carefree weekend instead...Woke up 9am and msg my boy...Guess wat?? he's still slping so dilly-dally i got prepared and waited for his replied msg..Planned to have Burger King breakfast but my lazy boy woke up only at 11am...So i headed down BBDCenter to apply for my PDL licence myself and meet my boy there straight....Ooh my, the eye-sight test scared me...Couldn't really read even with my glasses on...But lucky i got my lens with me..Took the test again and i passed..

Had a filling lunch...and headed back his hse and slack...Great minds think alike...Both of us don't really have any mood for outing..Took a short nap till dinner time...Went Jurong Point for dinner and leisure...Played 'Mario Kate' & 'House of the Dead 4'...Love these two games very much..Soon after, off we went to shop for groceries..Bought my favourite Meiji Coco milk...*keke*...After all, went back hm....

Supposed to take my shower but nope...i was caught by the TV programme 'Sweet November'...It's so touching..It was about a lady who will engaged different boyfriend each month...She has a reason behind it...She will make them fall in love with her and she will then initiate a break-up at the end of the month..Reason being she wanted them to live life to their fullest just like she does...Story end at a 'Novemeber guy' who seriously fall for her and proposed to her...She loves him too but she rejected due she can't lead a normal life like anyone else do..Unfortunatly, she's down with cancer...The ending was kinda sad...

Took my shower soon after being nag by my boy...And prepared to bed...


Woke up late late in the afternoon..Went for lunch and help to wash my boy's windscreen...Back home slack..Watched a movie showing in star movie but couldn't recalled what is it called...But an exciting one...

Slack for alittle longer and went Causeway Point..Had pizza for dinner...Walked around for some leisure...Played my favourite games again...This time round better...Managed to play alittle longer..*lol*...Finally headed back on at 10pm+....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

On leave today just to keep my boy accompany...Isn't it sweet??..

Woke up early at about 9am by those drilling sounds from upstair and downstair..Manage to get some more sleep before i finally got up at 11am...Got prepared and headed town for our lunch, shop around and for movie 'Brokeback Mountain'..a story of a secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years..Not bad..Rating: 3/5..I got myself three disney pushie toys and some clothes too..Played the game MarioKate...*keke*...It's nice and it's cute..Soon after, went Far East for dinner, shop around and off my boy sent me back home and he went to meet up with his schoolmates for some discussion on their upcoming projects..


Work today was a disaster...Disaster in a way that i'm up with three shits a day and it is from the god damn same person..He made me damn pissed off even when i was in a bloody good mood..He made me feel that he's damn selfish and unreasonable..He keeps trying to screw these words into my brain 'Customer satisfaction'..*ooH mi gosh*...Isn't we should try to help out our own colleagues first then we can try to negotiate and come up with the best sloution that will eventually balance up..At times at work, there are bounds to have some black sheeps around us but this all are beyond our control...You can't throw your anger or unhappiness at me..I'm not the one who gives you all this nor i'm the one who give all your unhappiness...You must get this straight..Although u may in a higher position than me but this doesn't mean that you can yell like nobody business moreover i'm not under your control nor your deptment..You have no right in doing all this...You get paid and so do i...Get it??

My boy came fetch me after work yesterday...Had my barang barang, went for our hair cut and for dinner...Headed back for a soaking session..*relax relax and forget about that irriating person*..After bathing, i'm struck with TV programme '50 First Dates' with my boy..Our second time watching it..*i love this movie*..It's so romantic..After that, slack abit and i headed bed while my boy surfing the net...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, February 20, 2006

A busy working day for me...No slacking for me...Work till 8.30am to 6pm+...*oOh mi gosh*..i can't believe it..I'm so attached to my work suddenly..*haha*...No ideas why there's so much work today...*shan wonder wonder*...Nevertheless i still enjoy myself at work...*keke*..Maybe i feeling better and more cheerful nowadays...*i wonder why too*...One moment i can feel so moody, one moment i'm back to my square one behaviour...*god bless me*...

Took MRT back home..Was into my Final theory booklet the moment i stepped into the train...My tentative test date is on 31/Mar..I might want to change it earlier..Juz hoping someone will sell away their slot...Yup, back to the booklet, i guess i'm abit confused on the procedures before taking off and during driving gear change process..Still got alot more to learn and unknown issue...Hopefully i can slove the puzzle soon...Wish me good luck!!

Done French Manicure for myself as my previous one has already chipped...Now waiting for my base color to set before applying the tip..

So here i'm blogging wat's going on for my weekend..


Nothing happening with my boy today..Went Plaza Singapura for lunch, walk around and to the amusement centre..I got myself a huge Owl pushie toy...Got it when i least expected..*lucky lucky*..The most memorable part of the day was the dinner i had at 'Soup Restaurant' @ Jurong Point'..Their Chicken and boiled soup are superb...*thumb up*...i missing it now...


My boy wakie me up early afternoon...Got myself prepared and off we went for lunch..Back to his hse and i took a short nap before we headed Orchard...Went Far East to shop around and to have our dinner 'Chicken Rice'...But who knows..I get to shop but i dun get to eat my favourite Chicken Rice..All the chicken have been sold out..We are too late...*disappointed*..After all, we drove our way to Cineleisure..Had our dinner at Cafe Cartel instead..Had my favourite Porkchop there...Walked around and headed for or movie 'The Pink Panther'...A comedy movie...It's enjoyable, but not fanastic..But still consider a gd rating movie..Rating: 3.5/5..*keke*...One thing i love abt this movie is i love the song sang by Beyonce at the end of the show...It's so nice...

Gtg to go..Back to pamper my nails...Ta ta...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Work today was abit busy maybe because today i'm handworking..*lol*...Went BBDCentre for my basic driving theory test today..And i PASSED...This word came straight out the moment i end my test..*happy happy*..But i couldn't get my Provisional Driving licence yet cause stupid me didn't bring along my contact lens or spec...Eye-Sight test failed...*sianz*..Have to make a trip down again for it...But nevertheless i'm still happy...Can finally start to learn driving.. must really put in efforts and not to be lazy for this time..

My boy came fetch me after my test...Went back his hse rest, catch some movie in HBO, slack till dinner...Went Geylang for our all time favourite ' Claypot Chicken Rice'..Been quite some time we last went there...Its still taste as delicious as before..*thumb up*...After all, went home sweet home...


Nothing special on this day..Went back home after work..No one in sight when i reached home..Catched some TV programmes, polish my nails before i buried myself into my Basic theory booklet revision..I dozed off..*haha*..maybe is because my position was too comfortable as i was lying on my bed...Or maybe i was just too tired...


Meet my babelicous @ West Mall for our regular session..Catch up with each other at Mos burger..Went shop around for awhile and back to our gossiping session without Tine..She need to help out his dad on some stuffs...So the three of us continues till we realised that is getting late...We are so chatterbox..We will always have never ending topics..We chatted about our daily in and out, our dos and don't..Anything & everything under the sun..U name it, we have it...we have each other's information on our fingertips...*keke*...

Tuesday (Valentine's Day)

My valentine's day is simple and of cos is sweet..Spent it like any other couples do..My boy came fetch me after my work..Went straight to Plaza Singapura...And my boy got me my valentine's present there...A huge size Looney Tunes 'Slyvester' which i wanted it long ago but couldn't get it..Spent real alot of it...Had our dinner at Thai Express cause it was the shortest queue there..*lol*...Ended my day at 10pm+..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

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[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Busy day for me since early morning...finally i can slack abit...*sianz*...was so dun feel like waking up this morning..*i need more sleep*...

Will be meeting my boy later for dinner...and to BBDCentre for lesson too....*haha*...


A so-so Sunday for me...nothing special...Spent is just like any other Sunday...Woke up, bathe, prepare and off we went lunch @ Bugis, Bras Basah, China Square and back to my boy's boy made me go into my dreamland while waiting for him to finish surfing the net...Slept till dinner time...and home sweet home @ 11pm+...


Woke up quite early...Prepared and off to Shirley's hse 'bai nian'..had a gathering over there with some ex-colleagues...busying gossiping and gambling...*haiz, i lost again*..Ended our fun @ 6pm+ and off i went to meet my boy...

Initially planned to catch a movie but we were not in the mood of in the end choose to slack at his hse the whole day...

**Damn it, i'm feeling moody AGAIN..and i don't know why...I HATE THIS FEELING...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

* showering me with his love
* pamper me with good foods
* i will dream of
* i run to for comfort
* i love truely
* i care deeply
* i miss when he's not around
* hold my hands
* kiss me good-bye
* kiss me good night
* pat me to bed
* hug me tight
* i have pillow fight with
* i spent my weekends with
* text me now and then
* fetch me up and down
* give me all the secure i need
* was there with me for good and bad times
* was always there for me
* got me all my Disney Plushie soft toys
* will tolerate my stubborn attitude, my mood swing
* i always choose to act cute with
* loves to pinch my fats
* loves to bite me
* loves to distrub me when i'm sleeping
* piggy back me around his house
* like to call me everyday
* will always love me so

* Lastly, will always be THE ONE..

Happy 2nd Anniversary,
my dear boy

Muacks!! Muacks!!

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, February 06, 2006

oOh...feeling damn horrible and tired...*sianz*...Gonna be a five working days this week..Still 3hrs more to knock off...

Din slp well last nite..was tossing here and there...its seem like i'm taking a short nap when i woke up this morning...Forced myself to wake up...Dilly-dally prepare myself to work...At work today was a so-so day...not at the mood of doing anything..*haha*...i'm trying to act abit busy..*lolx*...busying surfing the net...


As usual, meet up my boy for lunch, China Square and blah blah...After all, back to his hse to slack..Took a short nap while my boy watched his downloaded movie...*haha*...I'm always very jialet..never accompany him and in the end always in my dreamland...Although my boy dun mind, but i feel bad...Nvm, i promise i will try to stay awake..*keke*...My boy woke me up after his movie and i prepare myself for dinner..Dropped by Jurong Point to my stuffs and faster off we went to Jurong Hill Top for dinner with his family...After dinner, back to his hse slack and was back home around 10pm+...Chatted with my boy for long..Was only in bed at 2am+...


'Bai Nian''Bai Nian'...Woke up, prepared myself to meet Fie at BBDCentre first...After that, took a cabby to Ling's hse bai nian...Gamble, gamble and i lose...Heng that my boy help me recoupp some of my lost if not i will lose even more...Left ling's hse to Orchard @ 7pm+..Because of the Chingay, we have to park our car @ Lido and walked our way to Cineleisure for our movie 'Fearless'...All because of me, my boy have to grab Subway for a light dinner..And faster head to the cinema..Rating: 3/5 bah..Somehow dun really like it but overall not bad...alot of fighting sceens that will keep me occupied...but the ending is abit funny...Soon after, we went Hong Kong cafe to have our all time favourite 'French Toast'..*loving it*...Ended my day @ 2am+...


My boy fetched me from my workplace..Off we went Bugis for dinner and some entertainment..My boy got me a Disney pushie soft toys again...Ended my day @ 9pm+..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Done nothing much this CNY....or rather a boring CNY i had..*haha*..Din really went house visiting so in the end i got only a few red packets...*haiz*...

Woke up late in the afternoon on Chu Xi...Done some last minute spring cleaning of my room before i can start off with my mani/pedicure..Yup, i'm doing it myself this year...Spent 3hrs sitting down polishing, applying color, decor design...a simply and sweet one..I love my pedi design till bits...Waited for 1hr for the top coat to set before i head for my reunion steamboat dinner @ my grandparent hse...Soon after my dinner, rest for awhile and faster headed back home to prepare myself to meet my boy...Supposed to catch a movie but there's a change of plan...Went MOS instead..a place where u can enjoy 3 types of different music under one roof...Ended my day @ 3am+...

Visit my grandparents on Chu Yi...Same old thing over these years, my parent & brother will have their favourite mahjong session till they shiok shiok...Too bad I dun really know how to play so in the end doing boring stuffs like eating, chatting, watch DVD and blah blah..Time pass slowly when u're doing stuffs in a slack way...*hate it*..

Din went house visiting on Chu Er...*i'm lazy*..Instead i catched a movie 'Fun with Dick & Jane' @ Plaza Singapura with my boy...rating: 3/5..a so-so movie only...Did nothing much at PS too as all the shops are still closed except for some food outlets...Can only stay and loiter at the amusement centre...Spent quite alot there to get 4 disney plushie soft toys...*keke*...

Meet my boy for lunch on Chu San...and also go his hse ban nian...*keke*...

Back to work on Chu Si..sianzation feeling is back again..No more long holiday...Initinally was on half day leave but after much consideration i decided to cancel it...but i got red packets from my boss and my colleagues...*happy happy*...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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In my memory..


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*Love* *Happiness* *Joy* *Peace* *Every single thing that i own*

*The one who melt my heart*

*My babelicious darlings -
AiLing, Christine, Effie, Violet*
They form a part of me and my life..

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