Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm god damn bloody mad over a lady named Nancy, working in my office...She's a pantry assistant...i'm storming when i overheard her remarks...maybe i over react but i just couldn't help it...This is the third time i encounter such comments from her...Can you imagine??

First incident happened on a fine morning while i'm washing my mug going to make some coffee...After i have walked away, my colleagues heard her saying 'Wash mug till the sink block!! Haiz!!'..When my colleague told me i was like Huh?? WTF?? Wash my mug with soap blocked the sink?? Puzzle me...At that moment, i was like nevermind i didn't hear it myself so i don't really take this to heart..But still feel abit angry of being accursed..Told my other colleagues about it..

Second incident happen when my another colleagues who works in the General Affairs dept got to know about this matter..She saw me in the pantry so she said she heard that i got some stuffs to complain...but i answered no with question marks and after that i get to know why suddenly she popped out this question...At that moment, this stuck up lady was in the pantry too and she overheard our conversation...When my colleague walked off, she start talking to the air 'What is there to complain?? You get paid and i get paid...We all just come here and work...Deep in my heart, are you trying to commiunication with me?? And obviously i know she's trying to hint me..i ignored and walked away....

Third incident which happens today...i was washing my mug during my lunchtime..saw her placing all the used cups in the sink and she walked off...So without any question, i went up to the sink and start to wash my mug...Halfway through, she came back in, stand from a distance, stare at me with her arm folded, waited impatiently for me...Soon after i'm done, i walked away and headed for the washroom...Suddenly heard her saying 'Wash mug, wash untill so slow!!!!'...I couldn't really hear her right so i double confirm with my colleague...i'm fuming by then...Washing my mug takes me less than 2-5mins...Slow??? i questioned myself...I couldn't believe it...Back to the pantry, i questioned her and she confessed she said that...i told her what does she mean by taking a long time to wash a mug...She kept silence...And i told her off by saying even if i wash my mug for a bloody two hours or so, you have no rights to comment and like it or not, you have to wait...Finished, i walked off...

i definitely don't bloody deserve it....I done no wrong...What's bloody wrong with washing my mug?? I don't take my own sweet time washing...i'm just trying to be clean...You walked away and came back with attitude...Why on earth do i have to take your stuck up attitude?? You don't like to wait i won't force can always walk off and come back when i'm done...You don't own the you have no rights...I'm going for a complain for sure....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Weather: Was pouring during noon & now is humid

A slow-moving Monday for me actually.. After such a long weekend i feel lazy to get back to work..My mind is not functioning well...abit tortoise like..Work was fine...but actually had my day full of hassle in some way...

Caught in a traffic congestion around Bukit Timah Road...The jam was horrible..Was in a miserable state for about nearly an hour...Damn it...Waste of my time..the bus was like stopping and moving abit constantly...In the end, journey back home took me nearly two hours...

What a bad start of my week!!! Hope things will get better....

Received a good news when i'm back home...My dad strike 4D last Saturday..*keke*..3rd prize ya...And i got a $100 out of it...Extra cash...*i'm loving it*...When is my turn to strike 4D first prize?? Big big amount!!!

Today is my boy last day of school...*Yuppie*...

Easter Day

Had my whole day spent with my boy..Woke up by 1pm...Bathe and get prepared to go for our lunch...No cars available at that moment so we took a bus to the nearby market instead...Had our lunch and we again we took a bus back home...I was perspiring and feel as if i'm melting by then...The weather was so burning hot...Back home, idle for awhile before my boy start off doing his assignment while i nap...*shiok shiok*...Woke up and my boy is still on his work so i slack on the bed till our dinner time...Salute me ya, can slack so long on the bed..*keke*...Didn't join his family for dinner as my boy still have some on-hand assignment undone..So we went Jurong Point for dinner ourselves...It start to drizzle on our way back..was abit drench by the time i'm back...Don't know why suddenly everyone were at me & my boy spent rest of our night in his room...Ended my day with my boy at about 11plus...


Woke up in pain...having some serious stomach cramps...It has been so long i last have one...Is intolerable...Took some painkiller to stop my suffering...Was feeling better after a short while...Headed out for lunch with my boy....Had Bah Ku Teh and then off we went LOT1...We were both not filling i suppose so we had our second helping at Ya Kun Toast...*sinful ya*...Went to the library too...My boy need some books for his reserach...Walked around for alittle longer before we headed back home....Back home, my boy got into his work while i catch myself some telly since no one at home...*keke*...Had our late dinner at Delifrance...wasn't feeling very hungry after all...

Good Friday

Woke up and i msg my boy...i'm hungry...Got prepared and meet up my boy for lunch...Went Causeway Point...Initially thought of having Pastamania but changed our mind after we saw 'Soup Restaurant'...Had their favourite chicken rice...was not that fantastic as compare to the Jurong Point branch...but nevertheless it still fulfill my craving...Super filling meal...After, went to the library but it's closed by the time we reach there...too bad so we headed to the amusement centre...Left at about 5plus and back to his house...Was actually a wrong timing to reach home...Saw his 'Gu Ma' & 'Gu Jie' (who arrives on thursday with his dad) and his parent at home about to head for their dinner...No choice gonna join them for dinner but we managed to push the time later...

Headed Marina Country Club for seafood...a long journey there...Food served there was not bad but the enviornment there sucks...alot of mosquitoes there and i've been bitten...They are bloodly inhuman...Left me with a few big, round, red marks and it's so itchy...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just came back from Redhill for lunch...It was drizzling right now so my lunch partner actually dropped us at our lobby instead of the opposite carpark..Suppose to have an ice-cream treat from Ken but the weather wasn't good so we postponed it to some other day...*haha*...Must be wondering why this Ken willing to give us a treat, right?? Ah ha, of cos there must be something that benefits him...Got him a free 'Daisy' GALA premier ticket yesterday...gave him a chance to watch it with her gf leh..

Will be going for my company briefing @ SPRING later in the afternoon..Will be stop working at about 2pm bah...i suppose it will be a dull & boring one again...Every twice yearly it turns out to be that way...Nothing interesting...All about company profits & losses, future planning, budget and blah blah blah...These definitely makes me feel sleepy...Boring stuffs ya....

I wonder if i'm meeting my boy later after my work...Hopefully i am...Miss him much ya...But is ok if i'm not too...Because i will be home catching 'Love Bond' from SVC...But in fact, i do felt neglected recently...he's so much busy with his work and have lesser time left for me..lesser meet up, lesser phone conversation, and much more...I don't feel pleased..but yet i can't do anything...I do wish he can fully concentrate in his work right now but i also want him to be by my side too...*sigh*...Never mind, i know i will be outta this hell after the 17th this month..By then my boy will be mine again...*keke*...So now i will think of the bright side and endure....

'Ding Dong'...Gotta go back to work...Ta Ta....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Missed this match last Sunday...Wasted...So much of a waste...How i wished that i have seen it LIVE...Too bad, i'm not with my boy and i didn't sign up ESPN at home...*Ooh mi gosh*...I guess it MUST be an interesting match...i suppose...

Records: Manchesther United won a straight 7 in a rows after they lost to Liverpool & with Arsenal not bad too who had 5 straight wins..
Is tough to predict who will win...Currently they are both on fire...*keke*..

First half match was a goaless one..Second half was better...Ronney Wayne & Park Ji-Sung managed to grab a goal each..There goes without saying, my favourite team won AGAIN...*Three cheers for them*...They are now 7 points behind Chelsea...5 more matches to go including one with Chelsea on the 29th this month..MUST WATCH..MUST WATCH...A disadvantage for Man.U., they are playing AWAY...But i have faith in them...

Final score: 2:0

Current craving:
French Toast with loads of peanut butter
Shan Shui Ji from Soup Resturant
Suntec Durian Puffs

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, April 10, 2006

It started raining at about 10am+ and stopped before my lunch time and now the weather outside was extremely hot..Hot burning sun..I feel as if i just got a toast...Just came back from my lunch...Step in the office and i'm feeling abit cold...the tempertaure was freaking cold...a sudden change...Everyday without fails i will sure to put on my cardigan the moment i reach my desk...*oOh mi gosh*....This kind of off and on is killing me...

Came straight home after my work..was so tired and hungry..*keke*...Bathe, took my dinner and here i become a couch potato again...

uMm...My boy is going for a two-day excursion trip..Organised by his school...He will depart tomorrow to Pulau lsland getaway...A public exhibition event that they present and share their own art profile..something like that..*Ah ha*..I wonder if the reception there was clear...OOh, my boy had never been there before..So this will be his very first try...Hopefully he don't feel seasick and of course enjoy himself there...I did went there before for about two times..*haha*...Went there for some cycling session with my ex-school mates..

I miss my boy badly!!!


My weekend this week is almost the same as last week...My boy got to go back school for his group assignment again this week...*sad*...I guess next week too..*cross finger*...Took our lunch and my boy sent me back home before he headed to meet up with his friend to NTU...But this doesn't spoil my mood..had my day nicely spent...Done some spring-cleaning to my room..*sound as if is a BIG one*...haha...Basically i'm just done some tidy up..Clean clean, wipe wipe my precious Disney plushie, change the bedsheet and blah blah blah...It's already 4plus 5pm after all my hardwork...Initally planned to take a short nap but i guess i'm too late for it...

Went Taman Jurong for dinner with my family...*Wahah*...had a filling meal before we procced home sweet home...Catched some telly before i go ahead for my shower...Surf the net for awhile while waiting for my boy to call...


Meet up my boy to Yishun for lunch and also to meet up a yahoo seller there...Hang around at the amusement centre to pass our time...My boy bought a LOTR Witch King polystone statue...It costs him $220..After all, went back home...Helped him to assemble and displays...Had home-cook dinner at his house as well...Catched 'Mrs. Henderson Presents' from my boy's comp...He download it for me...*so happy*..Hopped our way to bed after the movie....ZzZzzzZ

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Had my night end early last night...Hopped to bed at around 10plus...Drop dead real fast....Was feeling sleepy the whole day at work...Keep pushing myself to finish my work so that i can knock off on the dot..I was piled with work since morning till i can go off at 6pm...Headed back straight home..Faster bathe and took my dinner..i'm starving by then...Lay back and enjoy some telly and magazine in a unmannerly way..*haha* uncivilised...Who cares...Obviously i'm enjoying it...*keke*...

Had loads of dream for these couple of days...I wonder why...Dreams that are not reality...But i couldn't really recalled what is my hallucination about but i have been waking up middle of the night by all these silly illusion...*hate it*..By waking up in this unusual habit, i will had a hard time trying to coax myself to bed again and this will also lead me to overslept and be late for work...horrible dream...

Meet my girly for some chilling session on Tuesday..a short one i suppose....Loads of stuffs to be updated by our 花花 小公主 (hua hua xiao gong zu)...was a nick given to Fie...*keke*...After all the catch-up and exciting topics, it's almost 9pm...And it's time for me & Fie to head for our driving lessons...She will be going to have her TP soon but till now she's still refused to leak out her test date to us...*naughty her*...

To our beloved, Fie

We will be always behind to support you no matter what is your final decision. Although we may be harsh talking in some ways but we only want you to know yourself better before you commit. Hope you are making your right and best choices of all...Best Wishes...Can't revealed any further....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just taken my dinner..Not with my boy but with my family...*haha*...I guess i couldn't remember when was the last time i had dinner with my family on weekend...*unfilial*...

Woke up at about 12pm..My boy received a msg from his classmates...He have to go back school for his group assignment...Sadly me headed for my shower and prepared..Headed Lot1 for lunch and to pass our time...My boy sent me home before he picked up his friend from Bukit Batok...

Back home, i started to do things in a dilly-dally way...Slowly i unpacked my stuffs, trim my nails, took some chocolates, watched a little bit of TV programmes and suddenly i started to hear someone calling for me...*Yawn*...So without much hesitation, i headed for my comfort bed...I guess i'm suffering from a MUST nap on weekends disease...*lolx*...

We didn't done anything much for yesterday..A carefree & leisurely Saturday..Meet my boy for lunch at a place nearby NUS...Had nasi lemak...After, headed back to his house...Idle for awhile before we sent his car for a car wash..and after, we did some vaccum ourselves..Both of us don't really feel like heading out...Maybe there's no movie in mind that interest us...'Mrs. Henderson Presents' in no longer showing in cinema..I wonder why..It came out less than two weeks...After all, had a late home-cook dinner at my boy's hse...Bathe and slack for Manchester United's match to start...*keke*...I love watching them playing...but yesterday match was kind of unlike them..but still they don't failed me...At nearly end, they managed to score a goal...Lucky them...

Headed for our slumberland at about 3am+....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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