Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm not departing to Sydney this Saturday anymore...
Flight & trip cancelled for some reasons...

So it means that i will be in this small country where I'm born on my birthday.....Don't know whether is it good or bad for me...or should i feel happy or sad...But i supposed more and majority I'm feeling goody and happier for sure...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Woke up early noon on Saturday...Gave my Love a wake-up call but i guess he's still feeling tired..Allowed him to catch alittle more sleep...

Headed for our lunch soon after he's ready...Had 'Ba Ku Teh'...It's has been like a month plus plus 'we' last tasted it...Missing it so muchz...Headed back home straight after...Supposed to help out to clear the interior of his car but..both of us are too slack to move our body...Just about to get things started, I'm abit running late...So instead of helping i need to get myself prepare to head out after being a couch potato for 2hrs plus..

Oh ya..I had a dinner appointment with my ladies....

My Love drove me to meet up my babelicious at HarbourFront at around 6pm...Hopped in Sentosa bus and there we are at one of Rasa Sentosa Resort Restaurant - Barnacles Restaurant & Bar..

It's a very very lovely place with great scenery...I'm loving it...But too bad, by the time we reached there the sky is almost getting dark...but still managed to snap a few photos of that great scenery...

Menu of the day:
  • Ying Yang
  • Fettuccini Pasta
  • Sharley SeaFood Sensation
  • xxxxx Roses (Complimentary desserts from the Manager i think)

I know..I know...It may seem too little for four of us...But seriously we do feel full after our meal...I had a small burnt in my pocket instead of a big one all thanks to my babelicious..They are just so thoughtful...So u get what i mean? It's definitely a super luxurious restaurant...Can you imagine one main course that cost $245 if you dine there?

But that small burnt really worth my spending...I should said the atmosphere, services & food there were finest...We had the hear of sea wave while we dine...friendly waiter & waitress waiting upon you..superb food quality that you just have to enjoy the taste bit by bit...and the complimentary desserts that we were served just made our day so muchz better & complete cause it's proved that we are xoxxxy...i supposed...

Made our way to 'Cafe Del Mar' for a drink...and as usual our guessing present game...I was been fooled...I knew that it's not so easy...

Ended my day with my babelicious at around 12am...

My Love picked me up from ViVo City...Headed Orchard for movie..Catched 'Ferryman'...Rating: Worst...

Sweet dream at around 4am+....

P/S: Stay tuned for photos updates...


Woke up late Sunday...Had lunch and alittle window shoping at Jurong Point before we went for movie again...Catched 'Halloween'..Rating: 2.4/5...

Whole day full of slacking after that...


Sweet escape from work on a Monday Blues...Took an urgent leave...Met up with my Love again...Had our lunch and again we headed for movie...Catched 'Superbad'...Rating: 3.5/5..In the whole cinema, there's only 3 human souls inside..Kinda cool and comfortable..Afterwhich headed back home and watched 'Hostel'..Rating: 3.5/5...

Parted with my Love at around 10pm+...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Arranged for a dinner with Violet & Shirley...A super pre-advanced birthday dinner indeed...

Made our way to Indulgz Bistro Restaurant...Um, the atmosphere & services were god-damn nice and excellent...but sad to say that the food there doesn't taste that fantastic...Kinda disappointed...

Chitchatting & bitched around...Snapped quite alot of photos as well...but no time to upload yet...

Menu for the day:
  • Tomato & Fresh Basil Soup
  • Deep-Fried Camembert Cheese with Berry Compote
  • Battered Prawns with Tangy Sauce
  • Pork with Apple cinnamon Sauce
  • Beer Battered Fish Fillet
  • Linguini Marinara
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Apple & Blackcurrent Juice
  • Orange Juice

Thanks Ladies for your attendance & your presents...Love it loads...
You ladies definitely knows what i like ya...

All these sum up my day at around 10pm+...


My Love on the other hand, had a BBQ party organised by his company...Afterwhich drinking & partying with his ex-sch mates...

I'm missing my Love....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Love's Everything~~~

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Love is back!!!

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

MOS yesterday with Jolin & Cerissa was great...It has been quite some time i last went partying...Not into drinking as I'm driving although i really wish to get myself drunk for once...Whole of my life, i had never been to even tipsy high before..I'm such a loser man..

A super lame messages i got from a guy..anyway i should said he's damn daring & funny...

Gonna take my afternoon short nap now as I'm lacking of my beauty sleep..

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Monday, October 15, 2007

I shall blog alittle before my parent comes in and glued their eyes on their computer games again... They have been playing games every now and then...and for that i have very little time for myself with the Internet...

A very very different weekend i had last week....

It has been so long i last had this kinda of feeling...*keke*...

Stayed home the whole day on Sunday...too tired and lazy to carry myself out...Energy totally drained off...Changed my bedsheets, did some cleaning to my room and blah blah blah as well...

Woke up early afternoon on Saturday..but fall back into my lala again for 2hrs before i headed out for movie...Watched 'Resident Evil: 3'...Not bad, not bad...I didn't got myself jumped from my seat this time round..*haha*...cause I'm controlling not to be so into the movie in a relax mindset..After which, went KTV-ing till late night...

A good catch-up gathering with few of my ex-Pioneer colleagues on Friday...We bitched till late late night..not willing to part and called it a day...Time files when you're bitching...

Another 16days to November...Can anyone fast forward it and press stop when it reach 07/Nov?

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Many asked why my previous entry was deleted suddenly....

I don't know why either...
I just sudden felt that i shouldn't do it...
That's why that entry was hanging on my blog for merely 3hrs only...

Those who have seen it...good for you as you get to know what I'm thinking deep inside me..
Those who didn't, it gonna be just too bad for you then...

Anyway thanks you for all of your concern...I appreciated it loads...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Entry Deleted!!

P/S: I decided to delete this entry of mine for good...

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fly me to the Moon...

Everything ended today...

Thanks for everything that you had given me...
All of those sweet or painful memories that we once owned, I will kept them deep in my chest box...Although it leaves me with a list of 'If I know' and 'I should have'...but it's not gonna be any important now...

Someday, somehow we may/ may not meet again on the street...

Take care & bye-bye, my love....

Lastly, a hello to a brand new start of my life....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

For some reasons, i hate myself!!!

I think i did something bad today...

I'm hopeless....

[U]'r3 [B]eInG [L]oVed [B]y [M]3

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In my memory..


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*Love* *Happiness* *Joy* *Peace* *Every single thing that i own*

*The one who melt my heart*

*My babelicious darlings -
AiLing, Christine, Effie, Violet*
They form a part of me and my life..

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